Olga Koroleva is an artist-researcher-forager-lecturer based in London and works with recorded and live media, photography, and writing. Since 2016 she has been working within the field of animal theory and is the founder of the international peer-group The Political Animal. In this talk for Cine Sisters South West, Olga discusses her current practice which includes a speculative multi-species storytelling project themed around the notion and practice of healing, a supernatural love story performance and video project with a scent narrative, a research project focused on recognition of more-than-human personhood and cetaceans, and an exploration of vegetal worlds and how plants can help visualise hidden disability. The following is a short resource list for the work Olga mentions in her talk. You can also find a reading list on Olga's website:


with grandfather (2017) Patterns of Care (2017-)  Soft Shell (2017)

Cautiously (dear deer) (2017) Whale watching (2019)

Tears on my leaves (2020) The Other (2016/21)