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Cine Sisters SW invited womxn resident in Devon or Cornwall to submit their Short Shorts on the theme of Blue for inclusion in our launch at Plymouth Art Weekender 2020. Works will be screened at Plymouth Arts Cinema and online on Sunday 27 September. Tickets are free and you can book here

**tickets for Plymouth Art Cinema have now sold out, but tickets for our online screening are still available**


Blueprint, 1 minute (2020), Anna Boland

News Dates still.jpg

New Dates, 1 minute (2020), Camilla Joyce

caron Parke.jpg

Louise Scammel - Printmaker, 2:30 minutes (2020), Caron Parke

still safeplace.JPG

Safeplace, 2:57 minutes (2020), Freyja Hillyer


Never Blue, 1:15 minutes (2020), Gem Smith

Untitled G Harman.jpg

Untitled, 2:58 minutes (2019), Gwenna Harman


The Waterboatwoman, 2:30 minutes (2020), Helen Snell

I Wash My Hands in the Sunlight IMG_2581

I Wash My Hands in the Sunlight, 1:48 minutes (2020), Linda Ward


What Lies Behind the Door, 2:30 minutes (2020), Lucy Davies


Treyarnon, 3 minutes (2019), Melanie Stidolph/Rachael Jones


Blue Sleep, 1:11 minutes (2020), Naomi Frears

rosemary babichev.png

Sky Blue Sea 2:22 minutes (2020), Rosemary Babichev


Cycle Part 2, 1:36 (2020), Rosie Race

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